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Union Phonograph Show History
June 12, 2010, collectors met at the 35th annual phonograph & music box show and sale.  But it was really 46 years ago that The Early Talking Machine Club of America was founded in 1964 by Larry Donley and Glen Oaldon, who ran a Chicago Tribune ad looking to start a club. The first few meetings were at Oaldon’s house with about 5 members.  Larry Donley had a gas station on 26th St. and Berwyn placed a sign in the window wanting phonographs. Phonographs were common in antique shops (brass belled horn machines $35.00 and wood horn Victors for $75.00) but there were no flea markets yet. The first Union Show was organized in 1974 by Larry Donley with a handful of club members and dealers.  Notables in attendance were Lynn Anderson, Larry Dupon, Bill Bailey, Ken Powers, Larry Donley, Ron Conners, Bob Phillip and Wayne Wolf, Don & Shirley Sauvey and Harold Staie.  This has grown to the largest phonograph show in the country with dealers coming from many states across the US and countries abroad.  The Donley boys, Randy and Mike, have kept the tradition going by putting together one of the biggest and best phonograph and music box sale in the world.  We thanked the Donley boys by having them dance to the music of a custom made phonograph toy created for the enjoyment and amazement of the Union crowd.  The “one of a kind” commemorative dancers were auctioned off with profits to benefit the Edison Birthplace Museum, Milan, Ohio and the Friends of Edison, Edison National Historic Park, Orange, NJ.  At the 2010 show everyone wished Larry Donley a happy 80th birthday as we celebrated the 35th Union Show that started 35 years ago.
First Union Swap Meet
Larry Donley
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By Phil Gansz & Wayne Wolf