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About Us...
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About Us......

Welcome to our website. It was 1993 when a small group of collectors formed a regional chapter under the Michigan Antique Phonograph Society.  We grew and are now “The Wisconsin Illinois Musical Antique Phonograph Society” and have approximately 80 members.  Using Nipper as our adopted logo, we have given him proper attire to represent our membership:  A cheesehead for Wisconsin and Lincoln top hat for Illinois.   We support The Antique Phonograph Society which is the national organization for collectors of antique phonographs, gramophones, recordings and related items.  This organization is extremely beneficial to the beginning collector for its help in educating the collector about the antique phonograph market.  Visit their website at:

THE WISCONSIN, ILLINOIS MUSICAL ANTIQUE PHONOGRAPH SOCIETY, is a group of dedicated collectors who regularly meet four times per year for the purpose of extending our knowledge by learning from others, sharing collections, promoting regional events, festivals and generally having a good time.  These get-togethers may include meeting at a collector’s home; attending a local music or jazz festival; an informative dinner meeting; meeting for a holiday party or a special museum event.  Occasionally our meetings are highlighted by an auction, flea market, or an informative presentation by a member. A quarterly newsletter, The Badger Talking Machine updates members on activities, includes informative articles and helps promote regional events.  Our family dues are $14.00 for a two-year membership. Our membership has grown from a few families in northeastern Wisconsin to members all over the states of Wisconsin, Illinois and the nation.  We welcome your interest.